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About the Rosary Lariat

  The Creation of the Rosary Lariat 

While working at the jewelry store 

I would always quietly recite the rosary

 with my Chaplet, a single strand of 10 beads attached to a crucifix (one decade rosary). 

Every time I finished the 10 Hail Mary prayers 

I would have to flip over the crucifix 

for continual prayer, which made me think 

how nice it would be if I could design a rosary where the crucifix and medal would stay stationary. This is when I thought of "the bail"

I felt the bail would allow the beads 

to flow through while the crucifix and medal stayed stationary. Because of this, 

continual prayer would be made a lot easier...

 whether at work, in the car 

or anywhere

At first I made the "Rosary Lariat" 

for my own personal use, but then I did some research and found that Pope John Paul II 

had been looking for ways to generate 

renewed interest in the rosary 

and that Pope Benedict XVI continued in this quest. Because of their call I have decided to produce and sell these newly designed rosaries. 

I am hoping this new design which incorporates the traditional and the new, 

will help more people find ways 

to pray the rosary.

This is how and why 

the "Rosary Lariat" was created.

Gary Hughes

Gary Hughes invented and designed the Rosary Lariat.  Patent pending. © Copyright 2008. 

The Right to Life Rosary


 A "Rosary Lariat" Chooses Life


 "I call heaven and earth today 

to witness against you: 

I have set before you 

life and death, 

the blessing and the curse. 

Choose life, then, 

that you 


your descendants 

  may live..." 

Gary Hughes


meet the designer of the Rosary Lariat

Gary Hughes was born and raised in BayShore, New York. He studied to be a Franciscan priest, attending the minor seminary and the novitiate year, before deciding to follow his lay vocation. At C.W. Post College where he studied for a degree in music, Gary sang in the college's renowned choir which toured Europe and the United States and performed in such places as The Vatican, Westminster Abbey, Tully Hall and Carnegie Hall.

Gary came to Chicago in 1977 

where he gravitated to the jewelry business. 

The creation of the Rosary Lariat 

is a synthesis of his jewelry expertise, 

religious background, and his devotion 

to the rosary and the world 

that has been called upon 

to pray it. 


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